EDM festival pic by Sebastian Ervi via Pexel
EDM festival pic by Sebastian Ervi via Pexel

Popular Electronic Music Festivals in the World

EDM Festivals have evolved from a couple of stages and a one-day-event to real towns that last, in some cases, even two weeks

In the last few years, the electro-music festival is enjoying great popularity all across the world. Whether it is the house, trance, hardcore, or techno, people love to have a good time what DJs play from the stage. Seeing videos of such festivals on YouTube is a magical experience and visiting it is really a dream of many people. We have mentioned here some of the popular electronic music festivals worldwide that are unique in their stage design, theme, atmosphere, and all the other things.


Tomorrowland is the most popular electronic music festival on the planet. There are other similar festivals that may have more visitors, but in popularity, Tomorrowland is unbeatable. Even some people who don’t know about EDM will tell you that Tomorrowland is their dream to visit one day. It has been more than 15 years since this festival is taking place in Belgium. The breathtaking stage design and backdrop are very impressive. They try to bring a new theme every year. In 2019, the festival has around 400,000 visitors and tickets get sold in a few hours every year. The Aftermovie of this festival is really worth watching. Seeing people dancing, drinking, vaping e-cig, and having the best time of their time, make us add this festival to the bucket list. Due to its huge popularity, its spin-off events are also organized in some parts of the USA.

Tomorrowland 2019 mainstage

Electric Daisy Carnival

This music festival is celebrated in the USA and it is the biggest electro-music festival worldwide. This festival has been celebrated since 1991 but after its resurrection in 1997, it has attracted more and more people. Tomorrowland might have touched 400,000 visitors recently, but EDC has been the destination of more than 40,000 visitors every year since 2015. It was started in LA originally, but since 2011, it has been shifted to Las Vegas, Nevada. The whole week is really mesmerizing which is full of workshops, and concerts. All the popular DJs pay a visit to this music festival every year and it could be your best experience.

Ultra Music Festival

If you follow Instagram influencers and some fashion models then, you might have seen their attendance at Ultra Music Festival. Unlike most of the similar music festivals, UMF takes place in the month of March. It has been more than 20 years since it has been celebrated in Miami, Florida. It takes place after the Winter Music Conference. This is one of the best music festivals in the USA celebrating EDM. In 2019, it witnessed nearly 170,000 visitors and in 2013, when it was organized for two weekends on the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary, it saw more than 300,000 people.

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019
Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019


Exit takes place in Serbia and it is very popular worldwide since it commenced in 2000. In 2019, more than 200,000 people paid attendance at this music festival. Well, Exit is not purely dedicated to EDM as it also covers other music spectra. Enjoying a variety of dance music in summer at Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad can be interesting if you love to be in the zest and zeal with the music.

Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival is among the most popular electro-music festivals in Goa, India. First started in 2007, Sunburn Festival is among the top ten music festivals in the world according to CNN. With the attendance of nearly 100,000 people in its three-day events containing, music, food, arts, and many other things, it is really amazing this kind of festival in South Asia.

Sunburn Festival Axwell Ingrosso
Images from the 2016 edition of Sunburn Festival
December 28 – 30
Pune, India
Client: Sunburn Festival
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