PREMIERE: Nause unveils new label NAMU with debut single Dear David ‘Elysium’

Swedish house act Nause is launching their new Stockholm based label NAMU Recordings together with an exclusive premiere of their first release

Dear David NaMu Recordings
Dear David NaMu Recordings

Nause’s journey took off in the early days of 2011 with their debut ‘Made Of’. With the rise of mainstream house music during the 2010s, Nause was able to find their own hold of the scene following their debut with hits like ‘Hungry Hearts’ and recently ‘Dynamite’.

The Stockholm based artist is now launching, ‘NAMU Recordings’ “It’s a dream come true,” says Jacob Criborn, one half of the duo. We’ve spoken with the Swedes to dig deeper into what their plans are and what to expect from ‘NAMU Recordings’ in the near future.

Tell us more about why you’ve decided to start your own label now?

Since we started touring back in 2011, we’ve come across many talented producers and aspiring artists. We noticed how easily demos got lost in hard drive space and never saw the light of day. We realized that we had the chance to create a home for these talents and to offer a wide range of music that we love for the world to enjoy.

What makes ‘NAMU Recordings’ special?

The process is transparent and democratic. We’re not looking into specific genres but rather the overall feeling of the production. This means that there will be a big variation from low key ambient tunes to festival anthems. ‘NAMU Recordings’ is a label without boundaries and we have high hopes for where this kind of structure can take the label in the future.

When can we expect the first release?

We’re releasing a very special EP from our longtime friend ‘Dear David’ May 8th. The “Elysium EP” includes the pulsating club banger “Elysium” accompanied by the more gloomy and techy “Larsberg”.

You’ll be able to check the EP out below at the Groove Cartel premiere, please let us know what you think by DMing the guy with your thoughts on Instagram @namurecordings. We’re super excited about this one!

We’re aiming to present new music every week so make sure to keep an eye on our socials so that you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming releases!

Thank you Groove Cartel for the talk and for premiering the first-ever NAMU release, ‘Elysium’ courtesy of Dear David!