PREMIERE: Maximalism kicks the year off with ‘Suddenly’

Maximalism duo kicks off 2019 with the brand new melodic techno single ‘Suddenly’ on House of Youth.

Maximalism Suddenly House of YouthAll the way from Belarus, Maximalism duo is ready to start 2019 in the best way possible with the brand new single ‘Suddenly’. The track kicks off with ambient uplifting sounds, rapidly followed with a great dose of rolling percussion and the wonderful Alicia’s vocal. Featuring soft but intense melodic lines, ‘Suddenly’ delivers melancholy, minimalist and deep vibes. The track has a huge underground imprint, resulting in a perfect tune for your late night selection. We are very proud to premiere this electronic music gem, that will be available tomorrow via House of Youth.

There is always a set of circumstances that leads to a song. In the case of ‘Suddenly’, it was last fall (November can be really depressing sometimes in Belarus), lack of sunny days and this huge news that took us completely by surprise. At that time, we were kind of isolated from the electronic community and fascinated by long, wide, powerful bass, so this is how we got this edgy feeling. – Maximalism

Max and Alicia, a.k.a Maximalism, are the ones behind ‘Suddenly’. Max is a producer and audio engineer, Alicia is a vocalist and electronic musician. They started to produce music together before being a couple. The duo recently released a progressive and even more underground  EP called ‘Magical’ and, a new one is set for the release the next March.

Maximalism ‘Suddenly’  will be out tomorrow but, you can have a sneak peek of the track below.

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