PREMIERE: Alex Gaudino ‘No More’ (feat. Brenda Mullen) (Bottai Edit)


Legendary Italian DJ and producer Alex Gaudino is back with ‘No More’ on Ultra music with an extraordinary Bottai Edit.

PREMIERE Alex Gaudino No More Brenda Mullen Bottai EditBecame a legendary figure in the Italian club panorama, Alex Gaudino rapidly brought his music on top of the world’s charts, thanks to the super-hit ‘Destination Calabria’ (Also Kryder dropped a tribal-groove remix of the tune, unfortunately never released).

Not happy with the incredible success, Alex Gaudino released ‘I’m In Love’ in 2010; the tune reached the top of the US chart in the same year.

With over 50 M of streams in total on the two tunes, Alex Gaudino is back with a 2019 revision of the hit ‘I’m In Love’; the record, now named ‘No More’, features the incredible vocal of Brenda Mullen. If this wasn’t enough, Alex Gaudino invited Mr. Bottai for an exclusive club-edit of the tune.

Featuring the iconic melody, Brenda Mullen vocal drove ‘No More’ until the kick drops. Keeping unchanged the original soul of the tune, Alex Gaudino and Bottai have added that touch that brings ‘I’m In Love’ iconic melody in 2019.

‘No More’ is an answer to ‘I’m In Love’ with the talented Brenda Mullen, who is destined to have a brilliant future. ‘No More’ revamps the piano riff of ‘I’m In Love’ but, alas, the relationship has soured! It’s tongue-in-cheek and fun. Hope you like it – Alex Gaudino

Bottai and Alex Gaudino have a long backlog of collaborations; from ‘Missing You’ and ‘Rewind’ to ‘Brazil’, all on ultra Music, the two seem to work very well together.

‘No More’, which will be released this Friday on Ultra Music, brings Gaudino’s Italian style, taste, and quality.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]