LUNR Shadows Anakim remix

PREMIERE: LUNR Feat. Max Comeau – Shadows (Anakim Remix)

Anakim’s mysterious sonic tones touch LUNR ‘Shadows’ for an intergalactic underground journey.

Get ready to start your intergalactic underground journey with this Anakim new remix. Part of LUNR‘s Path of Totality EP, ‘Shadows’ is the second installment of the EP.

Synths and pads give a real sense of weightlessness letting you lose and float away as the groove gently ease its way into and blasts us off into space. Everything is gently driven by Max Comeau’s heavenly vocal, creating a surreal experience.

PREMIERE: LUNR Feat. Max Comeau - Shadows (Anakim Remix)

If the original mix is a tune you can’t miss, Anakim remix is something else. Kicking off with clean and minimal bubbling percussive rhythm, the track rapidly acquires a sense of mysticism and a magic aura. Since the first kick drops and the melodic line starts, you’ve already traveled in a parallel universe.

Anakim remix is a top-class addition to the already magnificent EP. Built to be heard from start to finish, every single song of the EP has its own soul that will guide you through the whole journey.

The remix, which will be out tomorrow, is available in exclusive on our Youtube channel below. Don’t forget also to check the full EP as well as follow Anakim on his socials.