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PREMIERE: Storgards ‘Your Children Are Addicts’, from ‘Lilac’ EP

Young talent Storgards is back on Void Records with a two-track collection. This time he turns on harmonic summer melodies with the brand new ´Lilac´ EP.

Our readers will certainly recognize Storgards‘ name: the young Swede is a good friend of The Groove Cartel, having released a splendid EP on the main label, as well as some free downloads via our Network. After the exclusive Dub Mix he made of Kestis Gabriel ‘Himmelen, Storgards keeps it fresh with a brand new release on his home base VOID Records.

The new EP holds beautiful sunset melodies alongside his typical groovy mood, including the No Mono party favorite ‘Your Children Are Addicts’. ‘Lilac’ EP is a two-track journey through the blossoms and bright nights of summertime.

Storgards Your Children Are Addicts Lilac EP

The EP takes off with Your Children Are Addicts, a distinct groove filled with emotions, melodies, and a spacey lead vocal. The track made the long No Mono nights memorable, where Storgards has spent the last months on his experimental residency. Lilac follows, closing our eyes with its melodic and outwardly delicate sounds. The ever-longing tale gives us what we want, bringing us back and forth through all of its intricate pieces, wrapping with the suspense of ‘Lilac’. The innovative synth lead lays on a flower bed that is the beautiful and moving bass line, just like that meadow of flowers swaying in the summer breeze. The affair tones out at its best with the ever-touching outro, one of Storgards’ strong suits. The release leaves a beloved impression of happy faces and long, warm Swedish summer nights.

In just three years, Storgards’ imprint has developed down its own path of deep and melodic house. With original releases and remixes, including the critic-approved ‘Mono No Aware’ EP, Storgards and his team have established the artist as one of the most exciting young talents out there.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Your Children Are Addicts’, extracted from the ‘Lilac’ EP, out on VOID on April 12th.