Melodic Techno Collaboration “Follow Me Down” with Robby East and ALLKNIGHT

Robby East
Robby East

The Scottish singer ALLKNIGHT and the Dutch producer Robby East have worked together again on a great new song called “Follow Me Down.” East’s melodic techno/house music is mixed with ALLKNIGHT’s catchy vocals and lyrics on this track. The tune is out now on Lane 8‘s This Never Happened.

The song “Follow Me Down” came together quickly and naturally after East and ALLKNIGHT worked together on the song “Overwater.” ALLKNIGHT was drawn right away to the music East sent over because it made him feel darker and more mysterious.

‘Follow Me Down’ is a track that came together so quickly. Just after we had finished our last song together, ‘Overwater’, Robby sent me the instrumental to Follow Me Down and I loved the darker, more mysterious feel. I am a big fan of Robby’s music and so writing to his tracks is always such a pleasure as the melodies are so fun to write to and are also very inspiring in terms of mood and the direction in which I then write the vocal!

The partnership is a great way to show off the skills of both artists. East’s production is catchy and ready for the dance floor. It has rhythmic synth arpeggios and a driving bassline that make for an unstoppable groove. ALLKNIGHT’s bright, catchy vocal melodies glide over the instrumental with ease, and her words draw the listener into the mysterious mood of the song.

From the very beginning, “Follow Me Down” has a catchy, upbeat sound that makes it very attractive. This summer, it will be the kind of music that lights up dance halls and festivals. The mix of EDM energy and pop taste is very well done.

“Follow Me Down” is a must-listen for anyone who likes catchy techno, house music, or just good dance pop. It sounds like Robby East and ALLKNIGHT work really well together. Hopefully this is the start of more great music from them.