Sam Welt
Sam Welt

Sam Welt presents 4-track EP ’Trip To Apollonia’

Italian record label, Terranova Records welcomes back Sam Welt with his 4-track EP Trip To Apollonia.

The Terranova Records team has been anticipating their next body of work for quite some time. Sam Welt, a label regular, releases an incredible four-track EP titled “Trip To Apollonia.” Expect spaced-out  themes and otherworldly textures intricately designed within a sea of melodic and unconventional melodic techno, as the name suggests.

Trip To Apollonia EP

Janus,” the opening track, demands the listener’s attention. A thunderous kick propels the track forward, and as shimmering synths and pads begin to lift off, the track remains grounded with the forward motion.

Odyssey is an intense encounter that never let go. It grabs you from the very first beat, and the track’s central mechanical movements are miraculously navigated by enigmatic tones and other aspects.

The song “Aeolia” is for those times when you find yourself losing control of all of your senses as the soft tones gradually intensify until they overwhelm you. An outstanding dance floor experience, developed with intelligence by the creative producer.

Even when the EP comes to a conclusion, “Epicurus” keeps moving forward. Sam Welt delivers more foggy dawn action, the intricate design suiting well for the wee hours of the morning.

Non-stop action from a label that will be in high demand in 2022! With this quirky and eccentric four-tracker from Sam Welt, Terranova Records brings the noise once more. From start to finish, mind-stretching magic.