Sancar Yıldırım and Cenk Eroge team up for ‘Far Away’

Upcoming Melodic Progressive Trance Track Set to Take the Progressive Trance Music World by Emotions

Sancar Yıldırım Cenk Eroge ‘Far Away’
Sancar Yıldırım Cenk Eroge ‘Far Away’

The Far Away by Sancar Yıldırım and Cenk Eroge combines aspects of progressive music with traditional trance music, fusing the pulsating beats and euphoric melodies with the changing textures and nuanced soundscapes of progressive music. The song’s soaring melodies, protracted builds, and nuanced drops will transport listeners to a world of sound and feeling.

The announcement landed alongside the release of their latest single ‘Far Away‘ a melodic progressive trance track landed on Friday, March 3 from Ascent Recordings. Both Cenk Eroge and Sancar Yildirim created, composed, mixed, and mastered “Far Away” entirely.

Following their respective musical careers, producers Cenk Eroge and Sancar Yildirim from Turkey met in 2019 for their projects like Perest, Feronia, Orange Glasses, etc. The creators of this brand-new song are not new to the genre of electronic dance music. With years of experience and a keen ear for melody and groove, the producers have consistently released innovative and crowd-pleasing tracks that have earned them a loyal following of fans.

Two more works of art are on the album. First up is the immensely gifted Japanese audio and visual artist U-G, who performs a remarkably original and upbeat version. U-G fires the afterburner and cranks up the altitude to soar over the sunset with a masterful fusion of vintage rave and gigantic symphonic vibes. Under the alias Perest, Sancar and Cenk present a relaxing and enjoyable downtempo remix as a peaceful and lovely return to earth. Feel the sunset turn to gentle evening breezes as we touch back down over the epic plains.

The duo expressed their excitement and pride by saying, “We hope we were able to touch the hearts of the listeners,” as a result of the effect of this feeling between them.