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Sebastian G Clarke Frequent EP Emergent Textures
Sebastian G Clarke Frequent EP Emergent Textures cover art by Emergent Music

Sebastian G Clarke guides us into his magical forest with ‘Frequent EP’

A mix of sonic vibes and ambient sounds' elements make Frequent EP an exciting release and a special musical journey

US-based DJ and producer Sebastian G Clarke makes his debut on Emergent Textures with Frequent EP.

Founded in 2016, Emergent Music is a global label collective, established to provide a standout musical platform for new and known talent. Gaining regular support from the biggest DJs and channels in the world, the Emergent Family comprises four sub-label focused on different musical styles; from progressive house, trance to melodic techno, on Emergent you can find your different music genre for sure.

One of the latest releases of Emergent Textures, the imprint that covers Deep House and Electronica, is the 3-track EP Frequent by the up and coming producer Sebastian G Clarke. Released some weeks ago with catalog number ETX078, Frequent features Omega and Playa beside the title track.

Kicking off with the title track, Frequent introduces a rolling and catchy ryhtyhm, paired with electronic and space-inspired sounds. Raw and metallic elements perfectly flow through an ambient and surreal melodic path where a soft and relaxing main theme impose itself on the first part of the tune. Monumental and melancholy vibes merge with dark and deep beats creating a surreal feeling.

On the same stamp Omega, with its dreamy and happy melodic loops. A bright main melodic theme joins a narcotic and non-stop percussive ryhtyhm that evolve with the track bringing the listener to the last record of the EP, PlayaA hypnotic arpeggio is the pillar of the tune that works as a support for the rolling ryhtyhm and the raw sounds. Mystical and dark vibes match soft and ancient ambient sounds for a tune that acts as a bridge between the sacred and the profane.

We are delighted to welcome back US-based Sebastian G Clarke with an incredible new EP here on Textures. This talented artist has created three wonderful tracks encapsulating haunting themes, subtle melodic motifs and deep resonating bass. Joining us once more with a stunning release here on Textures, this is Sebastian G Clarke and his amazing Frequent EP. – Emergent CEO

An amazing and super fresh EP that we loved almost in full if it wasn’t for an annoying metallic sound present in both the first two tracks that, in our opinion, ruins a bit the incredible atmosphere created by the artist.

You can check and download the whole EP here or following this link. Enjoy.

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