SigObrilllAndo True Mental Samsara

SigObrilllAndo presents down tempo-afro single ‘True Mental’

Afro-beat, hypnotic melodies and psychedelic elements let you start an incredible journey with SigObrilllAndo new tune ‘True Mental’

Part of SigObrilllAndo‘s new album Cosmic Zoo, True Mental shapes electronic music with its deep and hypnotic beats and melodies.

Following the experimental line of his last two releases, SigObrilllAndo adds new Latin percussion rhythms, deep synthesizers, and electronic beats. A soft and relaxing percussive rhythm merged with long and emotional melodic lines drives the record in a mystical environment. True Mental afro-beat perfectly fit with the overall vibes of the track delivering a soft but yet effective tune packed of psychedelic elements.

True Mental contains only a B-side track, Alliance, which is an even deeper and out-of-this-world record. Both tunes are out now on Samsara Records with the full album coming in a week. Download both records here.

We believe in the conscious communion between the listener and the message of the interpreter. The ego and competitiveness is the illusion that drives away a powerful and pure art, which aims to express emotions, rather than magnify icons or images. – Samsara Records

The tunes are accompanied by stunning and hypnotic visuals. If you’re curious about this chill, relaxing and mystical album, you should have a look at Samsara YouTube channel.

SigObrilllAndo - True Mental (Oficial)