Sinners welcomes Mitch de Klein and his new project “Enigma”

Mitch de Klein
Mitch de Klein

Sinners is back on track and starting to open up new chapters for listeners to explore, starting with the up-and-coming musicians from the Netherlands: Mitch de Klein, after finishing the year 2022 with Aalson’s eagerly anticipated “Rêver” project.

The year 2022 was a proficient one with 6 EPs released on the Sinners label: Ceas, Analog Context, Minorah, Aalson, Julian Wassermann, they all brought their musical universe to the listeners experiencing the musical journey Sinners is bound to deliver. The label will maintain, if not speed up, its current pace this year with new artists, releases, and an improved identity and design.

Sinners is pleased to introduce Mitch de Klein and his latest endeavor, “Enigma,” as their first release of the year. It’s his 1st EP after his latest “Mankind” release on Joris Voorn’s label (Spectrum), which made it to Spotify’s editorial playlists: Electronic Rising & Tunnel Vision.

A piece of deep melodic music called Enigma creates a surreal mood. The end product is a mystery yet upbeat song that will appeal to listeners who value music with a little depth and heart.

You are led by Unkown into a landscape of menacing basslines and captivating synths. The track’s pad melody creates an unsettling mood that grows more intense when the main synth melody emerges. The two melodies seamlessly interact, engaging in a musical conversation that takes the listener on a sonic journey.

Mitch de Klein brand new release on Sinners, Enigmais currently available for the stream and download.