Sosumi Boat Party Amsterdam Dance Event ADE Kryder

Re-Live the ADE Sosumi Boat Party by Kryder

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It’s been more than a week, but our memories are still very clean about one of the greatest and the freshest party of this year Amsterdam Dance Event.

We are talking about the Sosumi Boat Party hosted by the one and the only Kryder. The line-up was insane for the groove lovers.

Sosumi Boat party hosted by the Groove Boss Kryder is now available for the stream

We, at The Groove Cartel, cannot lose it. From 3 pm since the sunset, we have sailed along the Dam river guided by the beautiful music of the Cartel. The sunset set was absolutely the best, with Kryder on the decks and the sun coming down on the horizon.

The event had to be streamed via Facebook, but it had seemed that there were some problems with the internet connection. By the way, right now you can find all the sets on our Mixcloud.

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