Styline, Mr. Sid Dave Ruthwell READY FOR THE BEAT Protocol

Styline, Mr. Sid and Dave Ruthwell team up for READY FOR THE BEAT

Nicky Romero's imprint Protocol welcomes Styline, Mr. Sid and Dave Ruthwell with their power-house injected super-tune READY FOR THE BEAT

Styline, Mr. Sid and Dave Ruthwell return on Protocol with READY FOR THE BEAT.

The trio debuted earlier this year with DONT STOP; now they’re back with another power-house electric injected super tune. The tune follows the winning formula to their debut with a bouncy, big-room sound fused with high-energy electro elements. Bringing back the classic festival anthems from the EDM “golden era,” READY FOR THE BEAT is the perfect record if you want to make the crowd going crazy. Nicky Romero himself played the record several time, with ana amazing response from the crowd.

READY FOR THE BEAT received massive support worldwide. It now counts over 40 plays between radio shows, podcast, and live acts. Premiered by Nicky Romero himself the 3rd of July, the track has been supported by Kill the Buzz on Electric Love Mainstage, Kryder, Dannic, Hardwell, and a lot more.

Styline, Mr. Sid and Dave Ruthwell READY FOR THE BEAT is currently out via Protocol. You can download it here or check below for the stream.