SYML’s ‘Where’s My Love’ Gets a Tech-House Makeover

Tube & Berger and fellow German producer Nick Schwenderling unveiled their remix of the song, released on ZEHN Records

Tube & Berger
Tube & Berger

SYML’s haunting track ‘Where’s My Love‘ has been given a fresh spin.

On Friday, June 14th, tech-house duo Tube & Berger and fellow German producer Nick Schwenderling unveiled their remix of the song, released on ZEHN Records.

But, who’s SYML?

For those unfamiliar, SYML is the brainchild of Brian Fennell, a Seattle-based musician who has made waves in the industry with his multifaceted talents.

As an accomplished instrumentalist (particularly on guitar), producer, and vocalist, Fennell has amassed an impressive following, with his music garnering over one billion streams.

This remix is nothing short of magnetic. It seamlessly blends SYML’s unique vocals with the tech-house production prowess of Tube & Berger and the innovative musical style of Nick Schwenderling.

The result? A track that’s both emotionally charged and irresistibly danceable.

Why this remix stands out

What makes this remix stand out is its ability to evoke deep emotions while simultaneously fueling an urge to move. The rolling baseline serves as a solid foundation, complemented by emotive instrumentals and a rich tapestry of percussive melodies. It’s the kind of track you can’t help but put on repeat, each listen revealing new layers and nuances.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this remix is its duality. On one hand, it taps into the raw emotion of SYML’s original, allowing listeners to connect with the passion in the lyrics and vocals.

On the other, it infuses the song with an addictive energy that’s bound to get feet tapping and bodies swaying. It’s a delicate balance that the producers have managed to strike perfectly.

New to SYML?

For fans of SYML, this remix offers a fresh perspective on a beloved track. For those new to his work, it serves as an enticing introduction to his enthralling, melodic vocals. And for tech-house enthusiasts, it’s a masterclass in how to respectfully reimagine a song while adding your own distinctive flair.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience this musical gem yet, I highly recommend giving it a listen. It’s available now on all major streaming platforms. Trust me, one play is all it takes to fall in love with this captivating fusion of SYML’s vocals and Tube & Berger and Nick Schwenderling’s production magic.