Syndicate Of Law’s ‘Right On Time’ received massive remix by Volkan Uca

After 8 years from the release of the original version, which is become a classic of house music, Syndicate Of Law’s ‘Right On Time’ receives a refreshing remix by Turkish DJ and producer Volkan Uca.

If you follow us you may remember Volkan thanks to another remix he made for Celenda’s ‘Music Is the Answer’ which has now hit the 15k streams on Soundcloud. He’s back with a brand new remix, this time of Syndicate Of Law’s ‘Right On Time’; you may remember the track because of the vocal “Are you Ready?” which was used as a sample in a lot of mainstream EDM records in the past years and it’s still in use as a pre-drop shout during DJ-sets.

Syndicate Of Law’s ‘Right On Time’ has received a massive remix by Volkan Uca bringing the original record into 2018.

Volkan has cleverly brought the record in 2018 donating to it a new life; the main vocal has been untouched and the producer has added a new modern melody driven by groovy percussions and an essential bassline.

As the previous remix, this one is available for free download via Volkan Soundcloud; check below to grab your copy.