TAAVO presents deep and soothing 3-track ‘Road 1 EP’

Including ‘Road 1’, ‘Myvatn’ and ‘11 AM’, the EP is and enchanting and deeply moving listening experience

After a successful Hibernation EP earlier this year, TAAVO returns with a deep and hypnotic Road 1 EP.

All the way from Prague, Czech Republic, David Balík aka TAAVO is a music producer and DJ focused mainly on Deep and Minimal House surrounded by groovy melodies in contrast with classical instruments; these are also the elements you will find on his latest and stunning EP, Road 1.

The EP, as TAAVO tells us, was born during a trip in Iceland:

The first scratches were produced in Iceland during the trip around the island and finalized in the studio in Prague. The EP is named after the main and only one road, which runs along the entire island. The release consist of 3 songs and all of them are influenced by stunning Icelandic winter nature and reflect the intense colorful feelings in contrast with melancholic mood, compiled into enchanting and deeply moving listening experience. – TAAVO

TAAVO Road 1 EP in depth

Kicking off with the title track, Road 1 features long and cinematic melodic lines, paired with a melancholic but intimate vocal. Minimal but catchy beats perfect match the aforementioned element creating a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. The record perfectly manages to bring you into the unspoiled nature of Iceland; close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

Myvatn is the second installment of the EP and it’s deeper and sometimes dark but it keeps the dreamy elements of the previous production. It captures natural calmness thanks to the balance between vocal harmonies, strings, keyboards, and a forceful beast. You can almost visualize the northern Lights thanks to the tune.

Last but not least, 11 AM is the closing for this incredible EP. TAAVO explains to us that the record “was inspired by the time when the sun was rising only for a few hours and started to completely change the scenery by magic shapes of colors.” Starting slow, with a romantic piano melody rapidly matched by a surreal arpeggio, 11 AM rapidly developed into an orchestral section that smoothly transitions to a massive deep beat with an atmospheric undertone, escalating to the end.

TAAVO 3-track EP Road 1 is out now worldwide and you can check below or here for the stream. Close your eyes and enjoy this magical journey through Iceland’s incredible nature and landscapes.