Tanya Andros
Tanya Andros

Tanya Andros debuts on Cafe De Anatolia with ‘Mavka’

Cafe De Anatolia continues to push boundaries and this time welcomes Tanya Andros on its debut with Mavka.

Mavka is currently out now on Cafe De Anatolia’s sub-label Cafe De Anatolia LAB. Kicking off with a clean but minimal beat, the tune rapidly introduces melodic harmonies and organic drums. The progressive main theme builds up to drop with beautiful natural sounds and gorgeous refined strings. Its upbeat percussions and full-of-hope samples create a relaxing but yet energetic environment.

DJ and music producer from Ukraine named Tanya Andros. She started out as a composer and musician in the electronic dance music industry. She combines soft live piano performance with electronic music genres like techno, organic house, and melodic house.

Tanya’s early years were marked by a strong connection to music. At the age of nine, she joined a children’s folk singing collective and attained piano proficiency at a music school. Tanya began writing music for Ukrainian bands at the age of 17. “You Are,” one of her songs, was a nominee for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. However, as they say, it was never sufficient. She had always imagined herself performing in front of large crowds while spreading positive energy and her original songs. And finally, that dream brought her into the realm of electronic dance music.

Tanya Andros has recently released a series of stunning mixes, live directly from Tulum.

Tanya Andros - Live @Tulum, Cenote, 4K / Melodic House & Progressive House Mix, Organic House