Teho joins forces with Aalson for second single from his album, ‘Beyond’


Labo T head-honcho, Teho, returns with Beyond, the second installment of his upcoming album. This time he joins forces with Aalson for an incredible new tune. The release is actually a 2-track bundle including Nebula as well.

Kicking off with the first tune, BeyondTeho and Aalson had the vision to push their production process further, trying new things, and to simply do something different than usual. They chose to create a breakbeat and electronica track with catchy vocal chops and a powerful main lead, all while the chords evolve throughout the song. The minimal and intimate vocal harmonies are backed by a plucked downtempo beat for an out-of-this-world experience.

On the B-side, vibes are deeper and darker with NebulaThe track introduces a space-inspired soundscape where the strong melody lead is surrounded by stretched sounds showing the artists’ capacity to be versatile in the way they produce music. Completing each other, these two tracks are like two different sides of the same coin.

Both tunes are out now on Teho’s own imprint Labo T. They’re also, together with the previous release Milliepart of Teho’s upcoming album. You can download and stream both tunes here.