Einmusik remixes ‘Unlocked’, first tune of Teho’s album


After the incredible success of Teho‘s album, Infinity, the first remixes start to surface. First off, Einmusik delivers his own spin of Unlocked.

Einmusik kept the main theme of the original but added his own unique touch in his re-interpretation. He created a new and fresh vibe for “Unlocked” with a deeper and smoother sound, giving the track new feelings and emotions. The tension is still present thanks to the incredible buildup he created throughout the track. We are very excited about this release, and we hope you are as well.

Kicking off slowly and deep, with hypnotic melodic lines and minimal beats, Einmusik rapidly introduces a plucked melodic theme and romantic harmonies. The remix is a progression of feelings that collide together on the second drop, where the idealistic lines collide with the mysterious synth.

Einmusik‘s music is not a mystery, but it remains an unknown star in the expanding universe of electronic sounds. There’s no straight line to follow, no seasonal sound – his universe is too big to get through in an hour. He was influenced by Depeche Mode, Visage, and Kraftwerk when he was born in the late 1970s. After that, he gradually discovered the world of Drum and Bass, and later emotional techno material with a twist.

Having found his place in the electronic music scene, Teho today amasses millions of plays on his tracks and performances all over the world. He succeeded in combining different musical genres to create his hybrid and melodic techno, almost electronica, with his own musical universe, both dreamy and melancholic, but also full of energy.