Thomas Gold Raiden Someone New Protocol

Thomas Gold and Raiden return on Protocol with ‘Someone New’

Nicky Romero's Protocol continues its incredible release schedule with a new modern progressive house gem by Thomas Gold and Raiden

Thomas Gold and Raiden, two names that no need presentation. The German music legend and the Korean talent have teamed up for a fresh and modern progressive house tune named ‘Someone New’.

Who said that progressive house has always the same sounds and structure? Thomas Gold and Raiden have given a modern twist to this classic genre with their ‘Someone New’. They delivered a mint combination of soulful vocals, bouncy basslines and uplifting melodies making ‘Someone New’ an instant hit for the festival season. Perfect also for radio stations, the record feature a super catchy drop that mixes the classic progressive house with that glitched vibes trending in the last period.

Both Thomas Gold and Raiden are veterans of Nicky Romero’s Protocol. Gold has recently released ‘Wildest Dream’ with Kosling as well as a wonderful remix of ‘Rise’ for the label boss. Raiden comes from a collaboration with Tom Tyger as well as an incredible release of SIZE.

‘Someone New’ is out now on Nicky Romero’s Protocol (download here). The label continues keeping the highest standard in the music industry releasing a wide range of music genres and tunes.