TicketSMS: the vanguard in the sale of tickets for events

There's a new state-of-the-art technology in Italy for buying and selling tickets for events and clubs: TicketSMS


We’re heading to the end of the summer but this doesn’t mean that parties are over and clubs are going to close, especially in Italy. From Parco Gondar in Puglia to the iconic Cocorico in Riccione, there’s a new and innovative way to buy tickets in Italy: TicketSMS.

Circoloco in Rimini, Social Music, Paul Kalkbrenner at Galctica Festival, Carl Cox and Marco Carola in Jesolo. In Sardinia, the Red Valley Festival has brought Martin Garrix and more. All these events have one thing in common: TicketSMS is the only authorized platform where you can buy, and now sell, the tickets.

The technology behind TicketSMS

The TicketSms Suite is the selection of applications for planning, selling, managing, and promoting events. The management of each event is on the cloud and is based on the “Mind” platform, from which tools that control the data are then accessible: Strategy, Pay, Access, Space, and Virtual place. All within a system certified by SIAE and the Agenzia Delle Entrate. Furthermore, with the nominal ticket, TicketSms fights the harmful phenomenon of secondary ticketing, that is the resale at higher prices of the tickets purchased.

MIND Mind is the latest generation, intuitive and secure platform that allows you to manage ticket types, teams, and all additional services in total autonomy, thus supporting organizers who can monitor every sales flow of their network in real-time.

ACCESS Access is the TicketSms Suite system dedicated to access control. It allows you to manage the entrances to the event safely and independently through a single application, both online and without an internet connection, by recording the door and access time of each individual user. It is also useful for press or VIP accreditations, which can be welcomed at the exact moment of their entry.

TicketSms PAY Pay is an all-in-one and on-site solution. From the points of sale to the box office, it integrates the normal POS with the innovative TicketSms digital identity system. It offers an access ticket issuing system that includes the latest generation printer, the courtesy screen for the customer, and the card reader for cashless payment and is capable of issuing more than four tickets per second with the ability to scan documents. It is the ideal tool for discos and clubs, it can be integrated with functions also connected to the cash desks or the resale of additional services within the venue.

TicketSMS CRM: Strategy and Virtual Place

STRATEGY Strategy is the CRM, customer relationship management (the customer data manager), of TicketSms. It uses automation algorithms, constantly improved by machine learning functions, used for the management of digital communication. It is used to activate marketing relationships between the organizer and those who bought the tickets.

VIRTUAL PLACE Virtualplace transforms every venue into a 3D space: from the choice of the seat with a subjective view in VR to interactive virtual tours with augmented reality. Customers thus have the opportunity to understand during the purchase phase, during the choice of the seat, which will be the exact view they will enjoy during the event: the scan produces a realistic three-dimensional model of the venue, preserving the proportions of the environment and of the elements that host. The virtual tour can be customized by the organizer with audio and video files, PDFs, and insights, through a selection of points of interest located within the venue, with the possibility of also implementing 3D models.

TicketSMS our experience

To test in first person the service we decided to go to SMC x Serious Kitchen – Apulia with Tale Of Us. The lineup, besides the iconic Italian duo, included Agents Of Time, Massano, Dyzen, and MOEAIKE. Tickets were been sold only on the TicketSMS platform. The website, as well as the app, is super intuitive and you’re able to find the event you’re looking for in no time. The same goes with the buying process it’s super smooth. You can pay with the major credit and debit card circuit as well as with Satispay and PayPal. After buying the ticket you got an SMS with the ticket code and the link to go to your profile on the TicketSMS website. To avoid secondary ticketing and reselling, the actual QR code and ticket will be available only a couple of hours prior the gate’s opening. The platform, even if the ticket is not yet created, lets you sell it if you’re unable to attend the party.

We also got the opportunity to test the customer care as we bought a certain type of ticket instead of another. In this case, the support center, after buying the correct tickets, refunded us the wrong ones.


TicketSMS is the right balance between selling tickets on a secure, controlled, and organized platform with the flexibility to be able to sell it if, for any reason, you’re unable to go to the event. We also had the chance to test the customer care, which acted fast and resolved our issue in a small time frame.