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Todiefor SHOEBA Signals Alexander Sambo remode
Todiefor SHOEBA Signals Alexander Sambo remode cover

Alexander Sambo retouch Todiefor & SHOEBA single ‘Signals’

Discovery Team welcomes on board the rising talent Alexander Sambo for a remode of Todiefor & SHOEBA ‘Signals’

Released at the beginning of March on Spinnin’ Todiefor & SHOEBA ‘Signals’ has now received a massive remode by Alexander Sambo.

Presented two weeks ago by Discovery, Alexander Sambo is nothing but pure tribal-groove. Kicking off with a super clean but energetic beta, the remode continues increasing its rhythm until the first drop. This is the part we love; tribal and percussive vibes keep the tempo delivering an extraordinary experience. A wide synth keeps the breakdown rolling until the second drop.

It was quite sometimes that we didn’t hear such a groovy rhythm. The great part of all of it is that Alexander Sambo remode of ‘Signals’ is available for free on Hypeaddit. You can download your copy following this link.

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