Tomas Novoa presents melodic 4-track EP ‘Geminis’

Tomas Novoa

Tomás Novoa, a young Chilean producer, explores the field of experimental electronic music with his recent release “Géminis,” a danceable proposal that combines melodic techno, downtempo, and modular synthesis. Download here.

Géminis kicks off with the title track, a hypnotic intertwining of wobbling arpeggio and ethereal basslines. The mysterious cinematic harmonies collide with the dark beat for an ethereal musical experience. On the second track, FicusTomas Nova goes chill and experimental, with feeling-good and glitched electronic elements paired with soothing and intimate melodic lines. Tornalsol returns on the minimal techno environment, with a more relaxed approach to the track. The shacking arpeggio mixes together with surreal vibes to end into a mesmeric piano theme. Last but not least, Velo keeps the melancholy and deep vibes adding a layer of house music beats and catchy percussions.

Novoa’s avant-garde musical style has been featured in a number of audiovisual projects, including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, the renowned Portuguese fashion magazine GQ Magazine, and Europe’s largest technology festival, Tech Open Air.

The artist is currently working on his next album.