Top Electronic Songs Revealing Social Issues

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Electronic music and social issues? You might be wondering how the two are connected together when they seem to be very disconnected. However, even though electronic music is more famous for sonic dissonance, it is very much capable of evoking a range of deep emotions and touches on various social issues within its midst.

Even though trap & dubstep are full of grating synths & harsh noises, it doesn’t mean there is no emotion or beauty present in them. The EDM producers have to learn & understand the melodies and the atmosphere of the crowd as much as an artist belonging to another musical genre.

They end up creating songs that perfectly blend emotion and bass music. If social issues get discussed in books, songs, etc. according to a domestic violence essay, it is easier to find solutions and create awareness. Here are a few songs which actually touch upon deeper issues – pandemic, about domestic violence, personal identity –  and aren’t just booms and screeches.

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Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling

When it comes to Porter Robinson, all of his songs – the Sad Machine with its bittersweet isolation of the Ghost Voices with its dark, nostalgic vibes – have intricate, complex themes weaved in the lyrics and music.

Fellow feeling has an omniscient voice that ushers the listeners through an orchestral landscape that abruptly changes into an evil, ugly, techno monster. This song on a deeper level depicts the way life is – beautiful and alluring one moment & dark and twisted the very next.

Funtcase – Without

Funtcase, the masked DJ, is popular for creating dark & relentless dubstep. Previously, he produced songs such as Death Stomp, that do not let up at all and overwhelm the listeners with swirling breakdowns and clanking hi-hats.

This is why many were surprised when he released, Without, a soulful piece that depicted darker emotions of life. In this song, we hear about a sad relationship over the melancholic piano while the song gradually builds its way into a harsh, pounding dubstep, the style in which Funtcase is popular.

Marauda – Home

Another soulful electronic song is Home by Marauda. Even though Marauda has been around for a few years only, he has established his name in the world of electronic music and is instantly recognizable by his crisp hi-hats and sustained bass notes.

However, Home is a step away from Marauda’s aggressive & dark style as he creates a lo-fi infused with dubstep. The end result is a song that is evocative and beautiful. This song is melancholic and evokes a sense of deep-rooted nostalgia in its listeners.

Without any lyrics, Marauda has managed to create an emotional song, which hits a chord with many people struggling in their lives.

AceMo – I Want to Believe

We are living through a global pandemic and with the 2020 club closures, it would have been very easy for the DJs to be disheartened and dispirited. However, this wasn’t the case with AceMo and MoMA Ready.

The rising electronic music figures in New York, the two producers took advantage of this forced sabbatical and immersed them into music, and created the most prolific music pieces. Through ‘I Want to Believe’, the producers have given the world a message and positivity, telling them to believe and have hope even in the darkest times like those of today.

Autechre – Sign

Since the duo’s members live in separate cities and have to work remotely, their music undergoes a lot of stress and difficulty. However, Autechre hasn’t let anything come in between their love for music and with SIGN, they have created a beautiful, hour-long mood piece that brings out the best of emotions and refreshes the mind of the listeners.

Bullion – Hula

We all live to have some level of anxiety in our lives and keep asking ourselves if a better day would come. In Bullion’s Hula, we learn about a series of vacations that the songwriter recounts in the form of pleasantly fogged memories.

The music is seductive but something seems and feels off – the unexpected chord changes the detuning of melodic lines – all of this helps fill in the blanks as Bullion suggests that hula dancing and holidays only offer a partial reprieve from the dark, looming anxiety.

The lyrics and the music both unveil the social issue of anxiety and how people deal with the troubles of life by taking momentary breaks and vacations.

India Jordan – For You

With dancefloors and clubs shuttered around the globe and euphoria & happiness in short supply, the past year hasn’t been easy on most of us, especially for dance music enthusiasts who can’t even protest. Away from the late-night revelry and booming sound systems of dance clubs, even the expertly crafted electronic songs have lost a bit of their lustre – but not India Jordan’s For You.

Bounding on top of a charged, filter-house music template, this song happily reanimates the voices & ghosts of the past when producers of house music regularly landed on top of the charts.

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For You is a beautiful reflection of an artist’s struggle as he tries to move past homophobia as well as the small-mindedness that was rampant in the North of England in years of the past. This song is a joyous, gleeful ode to self-acceptance & self-love and the healing power of a beautifully crafted, good rave.

Jessy Lanza – Lick in Heaven

We all have pent-up anger and rage inside us and when focused, it becomes a force for good. However, it is very difficult to tame it. This is what Jessy Lanza’s song – Lick in Heaven – is all about.

While on one level the song is about letting go of all the pent-up feelings inside, on the other hand, it teaches you and tells you how you should take a step back and reclaim your life.

Final Word

Even though electronic music seems to be all about sonic dissonance, it also hits on deep social issues that are rampant in society. Listen to the debut songs that we have listed above and feel the emotions that present in those songs!