Trilane Never Forget Nicky Romero Protocol

Nicky Romero edits Trilane ft. Tom Noah ‘Never Forget’ on Protocol

Nicky injects a dose of bouncy bass in the track's drop, adding a soaring and dance-worthy element that is bound to make the crowd jump

Protocol boss’ Nicky Romero continues to deliver incredible new music as his edit for Trilane Never Forget.

Energetic progressive house vibes have been injected by Protocol head honcho Nicky Romero on the latest release of his label. Trilane duo returns on the imprint with Never Forget, a stunning progressive tune featuring Tom Noah on the vocal. If the mix of Trilane and progressive house wasn’t enough, Nicky Romero added his unmistakable touch on the record. The track delivers uplifting melodies coupled with nostalgic vocals as Tom Noah sings heartfelt lyrics about fond memories and old loves; meanwhile, Nicky injects a dose of bouncy bass in the track’s drop, adding a soaring and dance-worthy element that is bound to make the crowd jump. A perfectly crafted club and festival banger, Never Forget cames out at the right time; Amsterdam Dance EVent is around the corner and with Protocol label party in a week preparations are at the peak.

Never Forget follows Trilane’s singles Believe and Still Think of You with Loris Cimino, featuring David Shane from earlier this year as well as their 2018 collaboration with Nicky Romero, Bittersweet, which has just surpassed 3,5M streams on Spotify. Take a listen to Never Forget and let Trilane and Nicky Romero send you on a journey down memory lane!

Protocol Recordings is also ready for another Amsterdam Dance Event edition. Nicky Romero and all the label’s artists are going to return at Melkweg on Wednesday for a massive label party; two stages, more than 10 artists and super special guests will guide you through the magic night. More info here.

Nicky Romero edit of Triale Never Forget ft. Tom Noah is out now. Follow this link to download your copy or check the tune below.

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