Tube & Berger
Tube & Berger

Tube & Berger drop two singles for 2022 summer

The legendary German duo presents ’Now Is Not Forever’ and ’Alive’ to het up your 2022 summer

Tube & Berger continue to deliver total bangers delivering two massive single in the last few weeks. Now Is Not Forever and Alive will warm up your 2022 summer.

Aren’t these ideal dancefloor moments what we’re all addicted to? The ideal song to provide these incredibly addicting moments that we all adore and require so desperately is Now Is Not Forever by Tube & Berger, Mat. Joe, and Tex Amos. The song is made into a future House Music anthem by Tex’ epic vocals, an addictive rhythm, an extremely driving bassline, and a massive, old-school piano break that will give you frikken chills.

And, if it’s not enough for you, Tube & Berger have you covered. Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen emerge in harmony and power, sending a wave of energy through the cosmos. Layers of darkness and light collide together in this intriguing music.

Our souls are turned inside out by their song “Alive.” Layers of cello are mixed with contemplative vocals and bright arpeggios. A comforting and powerful bass From the darkness, a wail.
Are we secure here? Or is the music just safeguarding our spirits? We ought to take our time to consider, feel alive, and rise!

A fresh chapter starts. Techno hypnotic elements are added to “Alive’s” tune by Deniz Kabu. Thousands of options become available. As we get closer, we start to get carried away. what is closer to? Is it even relevant? Just take it all in and be.