Tube & Berger team up with Alegant for ‘Come Closer Girl’

Electrifying, deep, and dark melodies accompany alluring vocals. As you discover humanity's hidden senses, neurons fire up.

Tube & Berger
Tube & Berger

2021 continues to be super prolific for Tube and Berger (our interview) that drop their 8th single; this time the duo has collaborated with Alegant and Retrolove on Come Closer Girl.

Come Closer Girl is a vocal-driven journey into your subconscious mind. Electrifying, deep, and dark melodies accompany alluring vocals. As you discover humanity’s hidden senses, neurons fire up.

This release came out in two different versions; the first one, an edit of Alegant, features a long and cinematic vocal that delivers a feeling of peace and relax. The catchy and feeling-good synth house theme flows on the tune mixing together with the rolling and non-stop percussive beat. Alegant edit merges Tube & Berger iconic house vibes adding pop and radio elements; super original the second part with those ethereal harmonies.

The second version is an edit by Tube & Berger themselves together with Cyberattack. The elements are more minimal and intimate, exploring the deeper and darker side of electronic music. The mysterious and soothing arpeggio wraps around the main vocal for a feeling of both hope and perdition.

ZEHN imprint and its vision

Both tunes are out now on ZEHN Records; ZEHN (engl. „Ten“) is the basis of our mathematical system and therefore also for all other sciences. It helps us to understand and perceive nature in ways never seen on our journey to eternity and heaves us to the next level of consciousness.

The human mind differentiates us from all other beings on our planet, whilst placing the burden of responsibility on us. Hundreds of different nations, dozens of diverse cultures. All of them have one thing in common: They all count to ten.

ZEHN is what we share. Breaking borders and uniting humans across the globe like nothing else. This is ZEHN.

Stream and download Tube & Berger, Alegant Come Closer Girl here or below.