“My Way to the Skies” is the dreamy new single of TWO MINDS

TWO MINDS Soars with Uplifting New Single "My Way to the Skies"

Electronic music duo TWO MINDS has released a soaring new single that is sure to lift your spirits. “My Way to the Skies” is the latest peek at his forthcoming album concept ‘Maze of Passion‘ on Sirup Music.

The track kicks off with an energetic build-up. It features melodic synthesizers that flow into a beautiful, anthemic drop. TWO MINDS layers of ethereal humming vocals over a driving beat. They create an emotional yet dance-friendly sound. Their inventive blending of voices and instruments results in an uplifting, transcendent vibe.

By seamlessly fusing rhythms and emotion, TWO MINDS crafts immersive sonic journeys that captivate listeners.

My Way to the Skies” soars with creativity and passion, whetting fans’ appetites for the full ‘Maze of Passion’ album still to come. The single is available now on the Sirup Music label.