Until Then
Until Then

Newcomer producer duo Until Then drop first single ‘All Over’

A perfect way to keep you warm during the holiday, Until Then have dropped a catchy housy single called All Over.

A perfect mix of bubbling baseline, clean beats, and catchy vocal loop, All Over is the first single from the duo.

Our mission is to create music that can help, in the darkest of times, to see the light. In times of anxiety, to know that it is just fine to feel that way, and it too shall pass. Most of all, we hope that our music will remind everyone, that in the best of times, to always cherish that magic! This is the beginning of our journey and hope you will come along for the ride! – Until Then

Kicking off with the up-and-down baseline rapidly paired with a clean but big kick, All Over unfolds in an incredible hypnotic vocal loop. The top plucked crescendo melody completes the incredible mix of sounds.

This track represents the beginning of our artist journey. We wanted to create a record that would have the listener feeling as if they were at a festival grooving with their friends. Those late mornings when nothing else matters, the anxiety is gone and all you want is for that moment to last forever. – Until Then

Dropped as a self-release, Until Then’s All Over is out now worldwide. You can check it below.