Victor Ruiz debuts on Factory 93 Records with ‘Surrender’ EP

Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz

Victor Ruiz, a techno producer from Berlin who was born in Brazil, makes his Factory 93 Records debut with the magnificent two-track “Surrender” EP.

Victor Ruiz has established himself as one of the most dynamic artists in techno, releasing a steady flow of first-rate productions that encapsulate his distinct flair for musicality and energy which can be witnessed in his DJ and live sets. His Factory 93 Records first EP “Surrender” combines the best elements of driving and melodic techno, drawing the listener into the music with rumbling grooves, delicate synth work, and cascading atmospheres.

The song “Surrender” builds gradually and teases a variety of textures, vocalists, and other noises as it develops. The breakdown gives way to a beautiful chord progression, which climbs onward and upward, building tension for that hands-in-the-air moment before slamming back into a thick, distorted bass and chunky drums.

Nebula” leans a bit deeper and more progressive; its spacious, uplifting synth leads and waves of reverb fill out the space as subtle arpeggios dance in the background. Clubgoers are patiently led through a tangled forest of distinctive and rich sounds by this track as it takes its time.

Finally, “Supernova,” much like its name implies, explodes on the backend of the EP with its arpeggiated lead that modulates through major and minor tonalities effortlessly. The tune is ideal for peak periods and festival acts thanks to its organic percussion and menacing bass swells.

Surrender was such a special track to make. It has this strong energy but also very emotional melodies. It’s a great mix. And I’m happy I’m releasing it on Factory 93, because I think it’s a very diverse label that fits perfectly with the release. – Victor Ruiz

The new EP “Surrender” by Victor Ruiz is accessible on all platforms through Factory 93 Records.