Wiwek drops Jungle Terror vol. 4 after 4 years

Wiwek Celebrates 10 Years of His Iconic "Jungle Terror" EP Series With Brand New 5th Chapter Released After 4 Years. Out Now on Barong Family


When Dutch super-producer Wiwek comes back to Yellow Claw’s Barong Family with vol. 5 of his famous “Jungle Terror” EP series, new songs are added to celebrate the idea’s 10th anniversary.

The EP: Jungle Terror vol. 4

Jungle Terror vol. 4” EP from Wiwek hasn’t been released in 4 years.

Cola” with Emy Perez starts the party with heavy bass, strong kick drums, and vocals that sound like they were recorded in an urban setting. This is a theme that runs through all three songs.

In “Scream” with Holly, the production is influenced by reggaeton, and there is an epic drop.

Crash The Party” features crazy betas that are great for dancing. This EP shows how Wiwek’s art has changed over time. It has themes of freedom, ethnic research, and cultural identity.

Here is what he had to say about the most recent part of “Jungle Terror.”

In Wiwek’s words

Most of the songs on the ‘Jungle Terror vol. 5’ EP have been played a lot in my sets. At first, I just wanted new music for my DJ sets. I thought it would be cool to make a new “Jungle Terror” EP 10 years after the first one came out because the first one came out in 2014. I’m grateful for these pieces, and it was fun to use them in new ways after all these years. – Wiwek

Wiwek is not only a DJ, he’s also a pioneer in his field. He’s a real rebel with a cause. Wiwek made his own sound with “jungle terror,” a crazy mix of electronic chaos, tribal percussion, and animalistic energy.

His music has been used in international movies, he has worked with Skrillex on genre-bending hits like “Killa,” and he has created Maha Vana Records, a label that lets artists go wild. Wiwek’s first record, “Cycles,” just came out, and now he’s ready to start a new sound adventure that will push the limits and get people dancing.

He also made the “The Free and Rebellious” EP, which was used as the soundtrack for a movie shot in Bangkok.

This adds to his unique style of combining music and stories. With new songs coming out all the time and exciting projects in the works, 2024 is looking like it will be another big year for Wiwek.