Yoe Mase drops ‘Circles’ 3rd single from upcoming album Soldier

Yoe Mase Circles album soldierFresh from the recent release of ‘Falling’ and ‘Prove Me Wrong’, New York-based Yoe Mase drops his third single from his upcoming album; it’s called ‘Circles’ and it’s a truly new experience for your ears.

Soft melodies and gentle percussive loops plus a beautiful vocal; this is how the record kicks off from the first play. It’s at 1 minute that the hot part starts: absolutely mind-blowing bassline filled by up-tempo beats and the inevitable vocal create a mystical environment around the record. The breakdown is a party of nature sounds with relaxing melodies and wide subs.

An ode to the cyclical nature of life, its message is incorporated seamlessly into the production as it whirls, buzzes, and circles in a dreamy synth atmosphere. You may not know where it starts or stops, but Yoe’s delicate vocals and soul-bearing lyrics tell you exactly where you’re going.

The third single extracted from Yoe Mase’s upcoming album ‘Soldier’, which will be out this fall, ‘Circles’ can be streamed right now worldwide.