How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2019 (good and bad behavior)

Grow your Instagram followers, especially now, in 2019, is no more the easiest thing in the worldLuckilyly, you have find out this article that will teach you the thing to do and the one to avoid to correctly grow your Instagram followers.

Let’s start with some basic questions that everyone asks. Is it good or bad to use bots and buying followers and likes?

Bots on Instagram can be considered in a way useful on the platform, if used in the right way, likes and followers do not. This is why you should never but fake likes/followers and/or views.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • Instagram has over 1 billion active users per month.
  • Over 35% of users check it AT LEAST 2 times a day.
  • In 2019 Instagram’s AD REVENUE is expected to reach $ 10 billion.

Still, people and business underestimate it and kill their Instagram account every day.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2019 (good and bad behavior)

Things NOT to do for growing your Instagram followers


For those of you who do not know what it is, you basically pay someone to send likes to your photos. There are a lot of markets on Telegram for this or even online services. Once you find the right Market Group, you just have to ask and you can buy what you were looking for and it’s easy!

Lately, this has begun to be a trendy practice but, not everyone knows that in this way you’re almost sure to KILL your Instagram account!

Some users buy LIKES and FOLLOWERS to take advantage of the “caravan” effect thinking that a profile looks more attractive if it has more likes and followers.

In reality, they are simply killing their account. Why? Because the Instagram algorithm focuses on engagement.

Instagram manages to understand where the engagement is coming from, and that is the key to everything. If you buy LIKE from accounts that would never interact with your contents, you’re actually killing your account!

Fake likes will not let you go on EXPLORE PAGE!

So if you buy LIKE from accounts that would never interact with yours, you’re actually killing your account!


Some users buy followers to have the same “caravan” effect!

In this case, they try to capture users’ attention simply by showing that they have a lot of followers, but do you know what? They are killing their account!

The reason? Because the followers are fake. They are not active and even if the profiles exist, they follow the profile neither for the contents nor because they identify with the brand! So they will never interact.

I understand that having 5’000 followers and 400 likes can be frustrating.

Maybe seeing profiles in your niche with better results, but FAKE engagement will not help you. 400 likes on a 5000 followers profile is, in fact, an excellent result, if ORGANIC!

Assuming that these are real likes, you will also have some comments and as a result, your engagement rate will be higher than 8%!

8% of true ORGANIC engagement is an excellent result. However, if you buy 50,000 followers, your engagement rate will be less than 1%. Why? Because these profiles will never interact, then you will have the usual 400 likes (and probably less) but with 55’000 followers!

This will make it clear to Instagram that people do not interact with your account and therefore the probability that it ends up in EXPLORE is much lower. This helps a lot to kill your account!


We finally arrived at the third step to kill your Instagram account as a real PRO! Use an app to post for you!

I do not mean apps like Hootsuite that uses reminders, but I mean apps that do it all and post automatically without being officially Instagram partners or using scripts that take advantage of unofficial versions of the API.

This thing really pisses off the Instagram algorithm. Instagram wants users TO USE to the app! Instagram wants them to stay in the app at all times, in fact, if you open a link on Instagram it will load in a browser in the app.

If you use an app that posts for you, Instagram knows it.

Instagram knows this because the IP is different and because you are making an API request, official or not, always a traced API request is.

Instagram knows it and can flag the account.

This will decrease the engagement rate and therefore help you kill your account!


There’s still one thing left to do to kill your Instagram account as true professionals! This is something that few “GURU” know and say; even some people who “live” thanks to Instagram do it.

So, cautious attention!

To permanently kill your Instagram account and not make it grow, in addition to buying fake likes, fake followers and using auto-posters, you need to DELETE some posts and some comments (Archiving is fine, canceling NO!).

The more you delete, the worse your engagement will be and the harder it will be to recover! Not bad, right?

These guides will take you from 5,000 organic likes to around 100!

Things TO DO for growing your Instagram followers

Now let us explain the exact steps to avoid if you want to KILL your Instagram account! These steps will only help you to INCREASE your engagement and followers!

But before we start we have to go a little further on the technician; the Instagram algorithm tracks your actions to categorize the account. It takes into account actions such as:

  • The Posts on which you comment
  • The Posts you watch
  • Posts to which you put Like
  • Profiles that put Likes on your posts
  • Profiles that comment on your posts
  • The profiles you follow
  • The Profiles that follow you
  • The contents you post
  • The Captions you use
  • The hashtags you use
  • The tags and the mentions you put
  • The tags and the mentions you receive
  • The profiles with which you chat

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2019 (good and bad behavior)

The social uses this information to categorize your account into a specific niche, and in each niche, there are 2 types of accounts:

  1. Instagram Users: Regular users
  2. Instagram Superusers: Influencers, communities, brands

These types of accounts are in the same niche if they prove to have the same interests and attitudes.

So, if you are a Travel influencer, you want to end up in the travel niche in order to show your content to people theoretically interested in travel and photos and videos.

I recommend NOT DO THIS if you want to not grow your Instagram your account:

  • Interacting ONLY with content related to your niche
  • Only post content related to your niche
  • Follow only larger, well-categorized accounts in your niche
  • Use competitive Hashtags in your niche

You can find competitive Hashtags from your PC with a browser in incognito mode and following these steps:

  1. Find the number of average likes you receive in the first 2 hours (“2hAVG”)
  2. Analyze hashtags via desktop with a browser in incognito mode and analyze the like media of posts in Popular (excluding videos) and choose only hashtags that have a lower average like “2hAvG”

Following these steps Instagram will categorize your profile in the niche chosen by you, so:

  • Your niche engagement will increase
  • Your followers will increase
  • It will be harder to kill your account

Another thing you want to do to grow your Instagram is to end up in EXPLORE.

To end up on Explore Page and reach target profiles, there are a couple of things to do:

  1. Make sure that influencers in your niche interact with your content!

BOTS and how TO USE/NOT TO USE to Grow Your Instagram

The bots are related to the activity of Follow / Unfollow even if often they are also used simply to exchange likes. We must, therefore, go by level to understand how they impact you grow on Instagram.

Let’s start from the Follow / Unfollow.

The Follow / Unfollow, in short, F / U, is a strategy of growth of the profile that is based on interacting and following certain profiles, to push them to reciprocate the follow-up and then to stop following them. A practice which for many is not ethical, but in some cases is effective.

We need to understand more deeply how Instagram works to understand how F / U can be harmful.

First, we assume that the problem is not so much the type of actions but the sources, the targeting, the filters and the strategy behind it. Second, we must understand that no matter how the profile grows in terms of followers, but how much actually grows in terms of engagement.

Above all, because as many of you have noticed, once the “F / U” service has been “stopped” your engagement actually drops.

This is because the profile stops interacting and follow certain sources that maybe were also used by others and as a result, more F / U is done more will be targeted by people who take advantage of the same practice.

My advice is, therefore, to avoid the practice if you want to grow Instagram.

But if you really can not do without it, then make sure you do it well, to damage your profile as little as possible. Maybe using a service that allows you to set targeting parameters extremely specific and accurate, with filters for keywords in the comments and above all go beyond the Follow Back Ratio, go beyond the number of followers and focus rather on performance of the engagement following your growth.

HASHTAGS and how TO USE/NOT TO USE to Grow Your Instagram

According to many, hashtags are used to grow your Instagram, to take more like, to go viral; in fact, the hashtags are used to CATEGORIZE a profile.

That is, they help Instagram to understand what niche you want to position and then to distribute your content to people related to the niche.

Understanding this helps to understand how to grow your Instagram because using Viral content, the right Hashtag, and highly categorized and performing sources will allow us to increase coverage of our posts, convert more followers, and increase the engagement rate.

We hope this post has helped you to understand more Instagram, how the social works and how, effetely, grow your Instagram profile.