Hunter/Game take control of Afterlife Voyage 022

Hunter / Game Afterlife

Hunter/Game distill their penchant for highly affecting electronic craftsmanship into this stellar Voyage. The Italian duo set the coordinates for a destination unknown, incorporating unreleased material and cuts from friends including Primal, Fanney, and Blaush. Close your eyes, open your mind, and prepare to embark on a Voyage into uncharted territory.

Balance is the key to Hunter/Game’s music. It’s part of growing up in Milan – a sophisticated urban centre for film, fashion and art, but whose inhabitants relish the contrast of spending reflective time in the nature that surrounds the city. – Hunter/Game

Hunter/Game are long-time friends of the Afterlife world. Their debut in 2017 on the Realm of Consciousness II series marked their rise on the international panorama. The following year they returned for the third installment of the series and in 2020 the two delivered Dark Aster on the Unity compilation. Having collaborated with Fur Coat on the Polyphony album, Hunter/Game continue their growth in the melodic-techno scene with this last Afterlife Voyage, packed of their own music.