10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Music Festivals in 2022

Look at why you need to head to a music festival this year.

Girls at a music festival
Girls at a music festival

Celebrating music is a fantastic way to hang out with friends, see your favorite artists, and rock some insane fashion trends. Since summer is right on our doorsteps, we are totally spoiled for choice with all the music festivals coming up all around the world. It begs the question; do we need a reason to go to these festivals besides all the fun that will be had? Well, to help you out we’ve looked at the reasons why you absolutely must travel to music festivals this year.

Travel at Music Festival as much as You Can: Here It Is Why

The fashion

If ever there was a time to strut your stuff, then it is at a massive party. Every year millions of people attend music festivals and step out in true style and keep up with the latest trends. You can opt for the usual boho-chic look with crocheted items such as dresses and crop tops, or go full-on glam with glitter make-up, denim shorts, and cowboy boots. Or opt for a comfortable look with retro sneakers, a basketball jersey, and a tiny pair of shorts. Whatever you choose, just know you can go to town and since no one knows you, you can quite literally wear what you want without a care in the world.

Get camping

Most festivals offer amazing camping packages that often translate into glamping depending on the package you choose. While camping is usually pitched as a family experience, you can enjoy camping with a twist. That twist is that you are going to see some of your favorite artists all while enjoying a camping-type setup. Now, this is a unique experience since you will be surrounded by thousands of other people. Typically, you don’t camp longer than a few days as most festivals aren’t more than 3 days long so this will be a wonderful part of your entire outing.

people gathering on green grass field during daytime
people gathering on green grass field during daytime

All the artists you will see

If it’s something like Coachella or Tomorrowland, you are guaranteed to see a plethora of artists. One way to think about it is the value you get. Let’s say a ticket to a festival is $200 but you get to see 30 artists and out of the 30 artists you love 20 of them then that’s a win in our books. Also, you get to listen to and dance to music and artists you’ve never heard of before. We have experienced this before, gone to a festival and found our new favorite artist and you can too. You can also position your party experience in a way that you only get to enjoy new artists. This way you are learning about the latest music. WINNING!

It makes you feel good

All of us go through times in our lives when we need to lift our spirits. A festival is a wonderful way to relieve stress and give you the reset you need. Dancing in a crowd alongside your friends and strangers offers a lot in terms of just feeling great overall, try it, you will love it.

You get to make new friends

Making new friends can be daunting but any celebration involving things you enjoy can open you up in ways you haven’t thought of before. Here you can connect with people you would otherwise not have in your everyday life.

shallow focus photography of man in white shirt
shallow focus photography of man in white shirt

The music

There is nothing greater than enjoying your favorite banger live and in the flesh. This must be one of the best forms of entertainment, period! Live entertainment is like no other. You can sing along to the songs and dance! And if you are lucky, the musician might even call you onto the stage if you do something cool. What’s also great is that there is a long list of festivals to choose from.

Rub shoulders with celebs

For some people, this doesn’t matter, but for others, this is exactly what they are looking forward to. Chances are you will more than likely find yourself ordering a drink alongside a Jenner/Kardashian and even the Bieber’s too. Heck, you might even be photobombed by Paris Hilton like a fan was at the recent Coachella.

Insane productions

There is one festival that has the best productions and that’s Tomorrowland. Considering the festival started quite small with a limited production budget it is now on a level of epic proportions. It is great to see how creative people can be and the amount of effort that goes into making it spectacular.

The food and drinks

If you are jetting off to another country this also allows you to try new foods and drinks that you would otherwise not be able to find at home. This offers a cultural experience as well and is equally as important as the music.

It is an all-in-one trip

If you’ve been looking at taking a trip to a faraway place a music festival offers you that and more. Not only are you traveling to a brand-new place, but you are on vacation too. Remember to book a few days of fun after the festival where you can unwind at a luxury spa after your fun weekend before you return to reality.