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Ae:ther presents ‘Me’, his debut album | Review

A melodic journey through Ae:ther consciousness and musical vision, Me is a gem for electronic music lovers

Italian born but with a German DNA, Ae:ther finally reveales his debut album: Me is a melodic journey through Ae:ther consciousness and musical vision.

About the artist: Ae:ther

Mainly focused on melodic and minimal techno, Ae:tehr is steadily cultivating a reputation for haunting melodies and narcotic rhythms. With strong connections to Damian Lazarus at Crosstown Rebels and the Afterlife crew, he has considerable industry support with his focus on delivering high-quality dance floor ready cuts that channel his love for ambient electronica and transmitting deep emotion, while keeping the energy levels high.

Debuting on Afterlife in 2017 with the Solaris EP, Ae:ther has released Spectre a year after. This year he debuted on Crosstown Records, which is run by the legendary Damian Lazarus, where he has returned today with his Me album.

Ae:ther Me album review in-depth

Kicking off with StartAe:ther decides to begin slowly with a melodic crescendo and a minimal baseline. The vibes go dark and deep right after with Finferli, a full melodic synth-driven tune that rises its energy thanks to the rolling beat.

We’ll Be Together detaches completely from the previous record. The minimal and clean beat is blended with a robotic-angelic vocal that introduces, again, a mesmerizing plucked melody. With its 7 minutes and a half, the tune is a journey inside the journey, thanks also to the sonic lines of the drop. On the same path, Costes features an electronic-gear inspired theme with a wide and long chorus. Honestly, we didn’t enjoy the track because the really high-end sounds that, at some point, have become annoying for the ears.

Moving on with Tinathe track brings you into a magical and fairy environment to jump directly into Clark with its club-oriented beat.

Like the previous records, Spektre II follows this deep, melodic, dark and minimal path with a touch of ethereal and monumental lines in the final part

N.62 slows down the beat, with a mystical and rolling arpeggio, that spaces to various melodies keeping a minimal but effective beat. The almost 10 minutes tunes bring you to ElfDeeper vibes are blended with an intimate percussive rhythm; a soft rising melody accompanies the record until the album title track. Me starts with a very slow and clean beat, rapidly enriched with an angelic-inspired arpeggio and top delicate melody. The energy increases with the addition of a lovely vocal loop and the speed-up of the rhythm.

Ae:ther Me opens the door for the closing of the album. Shuttle (End) concludes this incredible journey through Ae:ther’s mind and his musical vision.

My music is an expression of my feelings and emotions and the need to let my mind travel into other dimensions, forgetting the reality and the problems of this mad world. Using Hard driven synths, dark harmonies and celestial sounds is my way of bringing you into my world. Welcome to “Me” – Ae:ther

Ae:ther Me album is out now worldwide via Crosstown Records; download it here.

Ae:ther debut album is not a usual production, it's an intimate journey inside the artist's vision and his feelings. With its variations that still follows a unique path, ‘Me’ must be heard from start to finish to really appreciate its essence. A fresh and original that will make the happiness of the ones who are in search of true melodic music mixed with deep, dark and, sometimes, hard techno beats.