D.O.D, Chico Rose and twocolors remix Afrojack’s ‘You Got The Love’

Remixing the first ever track released on Tomorrowland Music

Tomorrowland Music
Tomorrowland Music

In August, Dutch powerhouse Afrojack‘s new brainchild Never Sleeps was given the honor of releasing the first ever track on Tomorrowland Music, collaborating with rising star Chic Rose on their uplifting banger ‘You Got The Love.’ Tomorrowland Music‘s first musical year has come to a close, and the Tomorrowland veteran has enlisted the help of a few of his friends to create remixes of the sing-along anthem, which was released today. The brand-new remix pack features D.O.D, twocolors, and Chico Rose, and features three different stellar re-imaginations across genres.

The Remixes of ‘You Got The Love‘ are now available via Tomorrowland Music on all platforms.

D.O.D, a musical pioneer and champion of his signature brew of UK Jackin’ House sound (#FutureJack), has found the sweet spot between fun and fame, scoring multiple #1s on Beatport and amassing well over a hundred million plays across the most popular streaming portals. Today, the DJ and producer from the United Kingdom is delving deeper into the UK House sound and cementing his place among the scene’s elite.

I’m really proud to be the first artist to remix a record on Tomorrowland Music, it’s a huge honor. Took things down a different lane with this one. Enjoy the ride! – D.O.D

Chico Rose became a notable figure in the dance scene and soon after got picked up by Afrojack, who included Chico into his team. After a string of collaborations, his big international breakthrough came with “Chico Rose – Sad (feat Afrojack),” which racked up over 72 million Spotify streams and was a big hit on European radio. Chico is a rising star who is here to stay, having collaborated with Afrojack on the first single from his new brainchild Never Sleeps.

The original version of ‘You Got The Love’ started together with Afrojack a couple of years ago and I’m super stoked we got to release it this summer as the first-ever release on Tomorrowland’s newly launched in-house label, Tomorrowland Music. As to wrap up its first year of releasing music and as an early Christmas gift, I was thinking about making a new version of the song and came up with the idea of doing a Chico Rose House Remix for the people that want to dance during the holidays. I hope you like it because a lot of more house music from me is coming your way in the near future – Chico Rose

Twocolors, the world-famous DJ/producer duo, is full of contrasts, just like Berlin, where the two musicians met in 2015. Pierro and Emil are always working on bridging the gap between electronic dance music and pop music. Their sound is anchored in two strong opposites: alternative and underground influences, as well as pop and mainstream culture and music. Aiming for a new symbiosis of driving electro and melodic pop.

We have been listening to Afrojack’s music since we were teenagers and started working with Ableton to make our own music. So to us, doing a remix for ‘You Got The Love’ is an amazing feeling and we are excited to, once again, share the darker, deeper side of twocolors with the world! And, working with Tomorrowland is nothing short of fantastic as we are of course huge fans of the festival and playing there is definitely on our bucket list! – twocolors