Agents Of Time release first 2024 song, “Friend Of Mine”

Agents Of Time
Agents Of Time

Friend Of Mine,” the first song from Italian duo Agents Of Time this year, came out on Tomorrowland Music.

Friend Of Mine‘ is a deep, hypnotic rhythmic techno track. Bassy beats and synth waves that waver are the core of the song. Its power lies in how smooth and clean it is.

The UK-based artist and writer Ross Quinn is joining forces with Agents Of Time to make a new sound that is both melodic and dramatic. There is equal tension and expectation in “Friend Of Mine,” which is a vibe-heavy tool that every set needs.

Friend Of Mine” by Agents Of Time is a hypnotic techno masterpiece, defined by its deep bass beats and mesmerizing synth waves. The collaboration with Ross Quinn adds a melodic and dramatic touch, making it a must-have vibe-heavy tool for any DJ set.

In 2014 Agents Of Time embarked on a journey that brought the duo to the forefront of techno music

Agents Of Time is a well-known two-man live act who are also DJs and studio masters of their sound.

Their debut 12″ on Correspondent in 2014, “Polina,” was a big hit. It made them a big name in the world of emotional, lyrical techno. It also got them their first tour dates.

Their performances are a live set that is heavy on gear and is made up on the spot. It includes house, techno, and acid. The two performers stand facing, sending a symbiotic energy through the tools. The way people think and the way analog equipment works together is complicated, and unpredictable, and always leads to magical times.

Agents Of Time released their first studio album “Repeating Patterns, Numbers, and Letters” in 2019.

The daring spirit and heady sound range are used to make house, techno, and other, less common music.

They do the same thing in the studio that they do on stage. It’s a free-flowing routine.

Agents Of Time then signed with Afterlife and put out the beautiful “Dream Vision” EP, Forest Of Lies EP, and “Paradigm” on the Realm Of Consciousness album. Then, it was history.

Agents Of Time’s Friend Of Mine is out now on Tomorrowland Music.