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Alfa Romero 1001 Nights EP Afterlife cover

Alfa Romero return on Afterlife with dreamy ‘1001 Nights EP’

Alfa Romero's combination of hardware synthesizers and modular systems creates a powerful and organic sound that translates to a unique aural feeling.

Italian duo Alfa Romero debut with their first solo release 1001 Nights EP on Afterlife.

Pushing the electronic music boundaries release after release, Tale Of Us‘ imprint Afterlife welcome for the second time this year the Italian duo Alfa Romero. A project by Marzio Aricò and Lorenzo Bartoletti that has brought the two guys to debut on last month Unity collection with Claim Your Love. The track has almost reached 100.000 streams on Spotify and it has turned on a powerful light on the duo’s work.

Out today worldwide, 1001 Nights EP features 6-track in a mixture of trance, classical, melodic, and techno vibes.

Kicking off on the EP there’s the title track, a fusion of melodic piano vibes and hypnotic fast arpeggios that dance together in perfect synchronism. To enrich the track an angelic and monumental melodic theme that flows into organic and synthesizer-driven sounds; an emotive melody suspended above a spacious techno framework. 1001 Nights has been highly played by Tale Of Us themselves over the past weeks and months receiving insane support on the dancefloor especially during Tale Of Us All Night Long in Milan last February.

As the title suggests, the EP is built around the feelings brought by the night; a journey through the darkness looking for hopesLearning to Fly perfectly reflects this vision, blending together dreamy and romantic melodies with an intimate beat and a visionary arpeggio. Heading further into a trippy, euphoric headspace, the EP continues with Once and Forever. The themes become more uncompromising with well-defined motives and clean percussions. A firm and constant baseline support the plucked top melody offering another point of view to the listener.

Long Time Running embraces a more hypnotic and soothing vision, which forces your instinct to stay alert; no more hopes and dreams but fatigue and sacrifices to reach the final destination. A sense of weariness and almost breakdown pervades the tune but, as the journey always tells us, we are the one who decides when it’s really over.

Moonlight Tide preceded the fulfillment of our goal offering serene moments of ambiance and dreamy arpeggios that organically evolve and mutate to The Seagull. With peaceful and comforting cinematic melodies interlaced with a minimal steady beat, the record perfectly close the EP in the best way.

Alfa Romero’s combination of hardware synthesizers and modular systems creates a powerful and organic sound that translates to a unique aural feeling. The Italian duo have a gift for making synths sing in harmony and flicker between the beats. A profound musicianship that shines throughout this record; an introspective vision that makes each track standing out in distinctive ways. 

Out now worldwide via Tale Of Us own imprint Afterlife, Alfa Romero 1001 Nights EP can be streamed and download via this link or below.

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