Amelie Lens EXHALE Together with Ukraine
Amelie Lens EXHALE Together with Ukraine

Amelie Lens’ EXHALE records drops ‘Together with Ukraine!’ compilation

In an extensive various artists compilation titled “Together with Ukraine!Exhale Records gathers its long-standing residents and techno trailblazers alike to stand together with Ukraine.

EXHALE Records, run by Amelie Lens, has invited the label’s residents and a few of the most in-demand techno producers to collaborate on a VA compilation to support ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Amelie Lens, Farrago, Milo Spykers, SHDW & Obscure Shape, AIROD & Paula Temple, to name a few, will all have tracks on the VA.

The Ministry of Social Policy (UA) will receive 100% of the proceeds from the compilation, which will be used to support Ukraine’s citizens who have been severely affected by the war by providing food and shelter, medicine, financial aid, and more.

The whole compilation is now available via Bandcamp for purchase. You can also stream the whole collection below on Soundcloud.

This is one of the, luckily, many initiatives in support of Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens now affected by the brutal Russian invasion which brought the war in Europe. We want to remember you another Together with Ukraine fundraising compilation as well as last week’s event in Brussels.