Amsterdam Dance Event 2021 officially kicks off in person after a year hiatus

BAKEN Beacon ADE 2021 installation

The lighting of the art installation BAKEN (Beacon), a light on the horizon for the electronic music industry, set to shine over the entire city of Amsterdam from the roof of the A’DAM Tower during ADE, will mark the official start of ADE 2021. ADE live feed is also available.

The BAKEN art installation was created by ADE in collaboration with artists Boris Acket and Chris van Meer, as well as Lumus Instruments. From Wednesday, October 13 through Sunday, October 17, the art installation can be seen from all over the city starting at 6:45 p.m. The piece represents the rebirth of the electronic music industry.

The ADE Festival is an annual event that takes place in Amsterdam.

Over 350 Festival and Arts & Culture events are set to take place during the daytime this week, with highlights such as a one-off live concert by Weval and Metropole Orkest at the Melkweg and the Top 100 DJs Awards in AFAS Live on Wednesday, the Dutch debut of the Secret Project Festival on the Hembrugterrein, African riddims during Cloud 8 x Ziongate presents Tribes in Paradiso, and much more. The complete festival schedule can be found here.

This year, the organization also launches its brand new Arts & Culture program, which includes, among other things, an audiovisual artist residency at Nxt Museum, a collaboration project with Music Moves that includes 11 accessible and inclusive ADE events, a candlelit piano concert by Helena Basilova, and a variety of mindful raving experiences.

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Business Hangout at ADE.

Despite the cancellation of the Amsterdam Dance Event business conference, the organization has opened its new ADE Business Hangout in Fosbury & Sons for business visitors to gather, network, and participate in a variety of networking events during ADE.

ADE’s Background.

Buma’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has grown into the world’s largest and most influential club-based electronic music festival and conference. Each year, the event expands and evolves, with last year’s edition featuring over 2,500 artists and 600 speakers in nearly 200 venues. The five-day event draws visitors from over 146 countries and covers every aspect of electronic music culture, including dedicated conference programming, an extensive arts and culture program, live music, and DJ/artist performances, all spread across Amsterdam. Here’s where you can learn more about ADE.