ANNA new album Intentions
ANNA new album Intentions

ANNA debuts ambient electronic album ‘Intentions’

Intentions is an immersive journey to explore and expand into new states of consciousness and being.

Mercury KX is proud to announce the release of ANNA’s debut ambient electronic album titled Intentions.

ANNA’s new album Intentions is a journey through the deeper side of electronic music

Intentions is the fruit of ANNA’s path toward self-realization, which involved expanding her mind and permanently transforming both her creative process and her perspective on the world as a result.

As a result, she has abandoned her more aggressive, club-driven production in favor of sound-healing frequencies and ambient sensibilities on this album. A profoundly immersive experience, the album comes with a one-of-a-kind listening guide that was written by ANNA. The guide asks the listener to establish an intention for each track, which has been organized and given its own unique function and invites the listener to do so.

I’m a conduit in the creation of this album. I observed its formation, how the right energies and inputs and people enriched it for greater texture and meaning. But – INTENTIONS has its own aura, its own will on how it wants to be expressed in the world. Including how you – yes, you – uniquely receive it – ANNA

In contrast to the majority of contemporary ambient albums, which maintain a single atmosphere, ANNA’s electronic composition is full of interesting options. To be lived as a quest for the enlargement of one’s spiritual horizons Intentions is alive in its independence and unrestrained in the feelings that each track has the potential to arouse.

Original songs and remixes are part of ANNA’s album Intentions

This album was recorded at ANNA’s very own Anaweh Studio, and it features a soundscape that is both melodious and spacious. It combines sound healing techniques with ANNA playing flute and synth while channeling her emotions. It also includes the previously released and spiritually inclined atmospheric piece titled “I See Miracles Everywhere,” which merges her unparalleled electronic music savoir-faire with sound healing, as well as her collaboration with the electro-acoustic and contemporary classical behemoth East Forest, titled “Let You In.”

Remixes by London-based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper and Ivor Novello Award nominee and Grammy Award winner Jon Hopkins are also included on the album, in addition to more collaborations with the iconic ambient pioneer Laraaji.

The album has already garnered significant support from influential tastemakers, as seen by many radio spins on BBC Radio 1 (Benji B and Pete Tong), BBC Radio 6 (Mary Anne Hobbs), Smooth Chill, and Sirius XM Chill.

This album has been a beautiful demonstration of the law of least resistance. Of letting an idea or energy simply flow into being-ness. In the effortless flow and speed of music created; the divine timing of each name; the concept; the way each collaboration fell into place. No forcing, no struggle, no rules – ANNA

Album’s visuals are cleverly and meticulously crafted

Tom Hingston, who is recognized for his inventive visuals for Massive Attack, Nick Cave, Grace Jones, and David Bowie, directed the design agency Hingston agency, which was responsible for creating the artwork for the album Intentions. Hingston Studio has received widespread acclaim for its design work. The visual identity that ANNA and Tom Hingston worked together to create was comprised of detailed and delicate 3D renderings of components in nature to give the impression of fluidity (you can watch the visualizers here). This process of intense creative collaboration was driven by ANNA.

The artist: ANNA

Beginning her career as a DJ at the age of fourteen and going all the way back to the nightclub her father ran in the countryside outside of Sao Paulo, she has spent the better part of the last two decades building up to the popularity she enjoys today. ANNA was and still is a sought-after techno superstar in every sense of the word.

On Spotify alone, she has more than 48 million listens to her entire back catalog. In the past, she has played at Movement Detroit, Tomorrowland, DC10, and Coachella. In addition, she has been on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and played a live-streamed concert for Cercle that has been viewed more than 3.6 million times. ANNA is demonstrating once more that her musical originality knows no bounds with the release of her first ambient electronic album.