Anyma's The Fall Of Adam at Afterlife Zamna Tulum. Visual by Alessio De Vecchi
Anyma's The Fall Of Adam at Afterlife Zamna Tulum. Visual by Alessio De Vecchi

Anyma brings La Pietà di Michelangelo at Zamna Tulum

The Anyma story continues. After an impressive album, the multifaced artists return to Zamna Tulum. This time he brings with him the next chapter of the Genesys saga. Described by the artists as “The Fall Of Adam“, Anyma’s new visual takes inspiration from La Pietà, the iconic sculpture by Michelangelo.

Anyma’s “The Fall of Adam” draws inspiration from Michelangelo’s “La Pietà,” symbolizing the end of Adam’s journey as his essence is passed to a robot. The visual intricately mirrors the iconic sculpture, exploring the fusion of humanity and technology in the Genesys saga.

The future of Anyma’s Genesys: La Pietà and new music

Genesys is the debut album of Anyma. The story behind it takes inspiration from the first book of both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament, “Genesis”. Genesis is a foundational text in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and it contains stories about the creation of the world, the first humans (Adam and Eve), the Flood, and the patriarchs such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Anyma translates the story into the future, where robots and artificial intelligence reign. In this context, Genesys represents “a modern creation” similar to the one described in the sacred books.

Anyma’s first visual, Eternity, brings this concept to life for the first time. Since then, we have witnessed the Rise of Adam, in the 2-track EP ‘Explore Your Future’ and ‘The Answer. The journey continued with Save Me and culminated with the release of the album, Genesys.

Now, Anyma goes above and beyond with the next chapter of the story. He brings to the stage what seems the end of Adam, where his aura is passed to the robot.

The new visual takes inspiration from Michelangelo’s sculpture La Pietà.

Alessio De Vecchi taking inspiration from Michelangelo's sculpture La Pietà for Anyma's "The Fall of Adam" visual
Alessio De Vecchi taking inspiration from Michelangelo’s sculpture La Pietà for Anyma’s “The Fall of Adam” visual

La Pietà” is a famous figure made of marble by Michelangelo Buonarroti, an Italian artist from the Renaissance. A lot of people think it is one of Michelangelo’s best works and the best example of Renaissance art. The sculpture shows Jesus Christ’s dead body in the arms of his sad mother, Mary, after he was crucified.

Transported to Anyma’s visual, you can recognize the legendary positioning that the characters have. With Adam lying down in the arms of the robot, you can easily make the translation to La Pietà.

In the visuals, Adam exhales his last breath, which is absorbed by the robot. Then, the surrounding nature embraces it to itself.

The new Anyma visual inspired by Michelangelo’s La Pietà is, of course, paired with what seems some new music. The vocal constantly repeats “Can You Hear Me Now?“; this could suggest the title of the song.

Alessio De Vecchi, the genius behind Anyma’s visuals

Alessio De Vecchi is the mastermind behind Anyma’s art direction. He is an Italian digital artist. Alessio De Vecchi first worked as an industrial designer in Milan and then went to New York. He has worked as a computer artist and art creator for Adidas, HBO, LG, and H&M.

In 2021 Alessio De Vecchi teamed up with Matteo Milleri for his new solo project Anyma. They started working on NFT to evolve rapidly into shows’ design.

Alessio De Vecchi’s work pinnacled on his reinterpretations of La Pietà, the sculpture by Michelangelo.