Ari Abdul

Ari Abdul presents new dreamy single ‘Sinners ft. Thomas LaRosa’

20-year-old Ari Abdul is a break-out star who has quickly amassed a dedicated online fanbase. She will now act as MIMI WEBB’s support act in October 2022 on her North American Tour!

Her first song, “BABYDOLL,” and its sped-up version, “BABYDOLL (Speed),” received 40 million global streams, 400 million TikTok views, and 420 thousand TikTok creations combined. Ari’s smokey vocals and a chugging bass rhythm formed the foundation of her most recent track, “Taste,” which left her 96k (and increasing) TikTok fans wanting more. In advance of her upcoming debut EP, Ari has already amassed over 50 million global streams with just three records.

Her latest single, “Sinners“, is full of haunting atmospherics that shimmer in the night and that are perfectly paired with the heavy burden of earnestness that drips from Ari’s vocals. The refined alt-pop song “Sinners” by an upcoming musician with a distinctive style addresses gloomy themes.

Sinners” is a duet about a love that didn’t work out but the memories remain and both people hold onto them despite not being together. – Ari Abdul

Ari Abdul is a Brooklyn-based musician who developed her own style of dark alternative pop. She blends The Neighborhood and Lana Del Rey with the reverb-heavy swells of your favorite shoegaze act. Combining an array of visual and stylistic influences, Ari has cultivated a mysterious edge to her artistic endeavors.

Watch out for Ari Abdul because she’s gaining momentum.