Art with Me announces more artists for Miami debut

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Art With Me
Art With Me

Art With Me, the acclaimed multi-disciplinary international arts and culture festival, has announced its official Miami debut on November 26th – 28th, 2021, and has now added 27 new names to the lineup, including Anja Schneider, m.O.N.R.O.E., Oliver Koletzki, Phillipp Jung (Beauty & The Beast), Guy Laliberté, and Dubtribe Sound System (live) In addition to the previously announced Sublime with Rome, All Day I Dream, Culture Profética, Tycho: Iso50, Amémé, Behrouz, Bird of Mind, Rodriguez Jr. (Live), Serge Devant, and more will be performed by Lee Burridge. For a limited time only, single-day tickets are now available at the cost of 69.99 here.

The event, which was previously held in Tulum, is now in its fourth year and promises to be even more spectacular than before. In a world where we emphasize productivity over health, global communication over personal connection & glamor over beauty, “Art with Me” is an authentic breath of fresh air revitalizing the connection between community, self & the interconnectivity of all things.

The lineup and the artists.

Sublime With Rome, Amémé, Birds of Mind, Bibi Stevkovski, Hoomance, Isiah Martin, Kate Ozz, Kaz James, m.O.N.R.O.E., Gaga, Major League DJs, Matt Caines, Ricoloop, Szabo B2B Goldcap, Salome Le Chat, Sis & The Solo Ensemble (Live), White Cliffs, and Yokoo are among the artists set to perform on Friday, November

Tycho: Iso50, Adios, Apache, Behrouz, Ghostly Kisses, Guy Laliberté, Miguelle & Tons, Oceanvs Orientals, Oliver Koletzki, Rodriguez Jr. (Live), Savage & She, Serge Devant, Spaniol, Vanjee, and more will perform on Saturday, November 27th.

The 28th of November is a special day. Lee Burridge presents All Day I Dream, Culture Profética,Anja Schneider, Beauty & The Beast, Delic, Dubtribe Sound System (live), Elephant Heart, Facundo Mohrr, Lost Desert, N/UM (Live), Navbox, Nikita, Oona Dahl, Shawna (KMLN), The Soul Brothers and more.

Other activities during the festival.

Wellness Programs & Workshops, Local and International Gastronomic Gatherings, an Eclectic Curation of Musical Electronic and Live Performances, Highly-Anticipated Visual Art Installations & Interactive Exhibitions, Children’s Programs & Ecological Awareness Practices, Thought-Provoking Panels and Discussions, and much more will be part of the “Six Pillars” this year.

We are beyond excited for Art With Me Miami to be coming to Miami this November. Art With Me seeks to create a space where inspiration is the heartbeat of the experience. Art in all its forms has the power to inspire through impactful creative experiences. Miami is an amazing city for Art and Culture and we believe this event will help cultivate positive change – founder David Graziano.

On the 25th and 29th of November, as part of the Art With Me Event, some very special pre-and post-event activations will be held that will either be included in specific ticket types or will become available as an add-on purchase for our various ticket holders.

Art with Me Miami lineup
Art with Me Miami lineup