ARTBAT release new track “Horizons” on their label UPPERGROUND

With ‘Horizon,’ ARTBAT builds on the success of their first single on their newly launched UPPERGROUND label.

Despite the fact that they only started working together in 2015, the duo has produced a steady stream of high-quality and innovative sounds. After steady releases on many respected outlets, it was time for their own imprint, which was launched just recently with their original Flame.

The label’s mission is to provide a platform for original and creative dance music. “Horizon” goes back to their roots, where they stay true to their vision and return to what they are known for: unique and innovative, forward-thinking sounds.

Horizon exemplifies ARTBAT’s big arena sound, with its hammering kick and hypnotic synths, all guided by a trembling bassline. It takes the listener through eerie and ambient moments, punctuated by melodic synths trembling through the body, to the release of a rolling bassline to set the dancers free, and finally to the sharp high hats that propel the groove forward.

ARTBAT are also ready to host their first-ever label night with UPPERGROUND nad, they’re going to do it in a big way. On the 31st of December, 2021, at the iconic Zamna Tulum in Mexico ARTBAT present UPPERGROUND NYE night with Agents Of Time, Braev (live), Dino Lenny, Fred Lenix, Jos & Eli, Magdalena, and Shall Ocin.

ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND have released yet another essential new release, Horizon.