Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki
Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki
Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki

ARTBAT & Upperground present «Selected JN23»

ARTBAT & Upperground present the third edition of their «Selected» VA series including Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki

The collaboration between ARTBAT and Upperground has once again yielded a remarkable collection of tracks in their third edition of the “Selected” VA series. This EP is a testament to their dedication to curating and presenting the finest examples of emotive and contemplative melodic techno. Each track on the compilation offers a unique experience, showcasing the talents of Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki. With its diverse range of sounds and emotions, this release is bound to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact.

ARTBAT & Upperground third installment of «Selected» series

Glowal’s “Heal Your Scars

The record begins the selection with its inky textures, and throughout its reverberating basslines and expressive synth progressions, it crafts a musical tapestry of ethereal atmospheres. Fabio’s distinctive voice enters the scene in a calm tone, hinting at the path of healing and moving forward in time while the enticing piano loop pleads for a glimpse of hope. This track is a good illustration of melodic techno’s prominence because of the exceptional method in which it blends raw instrumentals to enhance its emotional depth with the trademark melodic sway and captivating voices of the artists who created it. It manages to strike the ideal balance between sensitive harmonies and explosive kicks, which allows it to command listeners’ hearts as well as their bodies.

Heal Your Scars‘ is a testimony to Glowal‘s sound maturation, creative progress, and poetic synergy. Vulnerable, sincere, and soul-stirring, ‘Heal Your Scars’ is a testament to the artist. Their unrelenting pursuit of musical greatness has garnered them praise from opinion leaders, their contemporaries in the industry, and committed fans and listeners alike. Now, with their ground-breaking debut on UPPERGROUND, Glowal is prepared to leave an indelible mark on the worldwide electronic music landscape. Their signature resonance is sure to captivate minds, move dance floors, and carve a route to even greater success than they have already achieved.

David Lindmer’s “Resonate”

Following Glowal’s emotive journey, David Lindmer’s “Resonate” injects the EP with a surge of intense and powerful energy. Lindmer’s ability to craft an energetic beat and electrifying synth riffs creates the perfect soundtrack for peak-time dancefloor moments. Hailing from the vibrant New York techno scene, Lindmer’s emotive sets have garnered him a dedicated following and recognition as one of Tomorrowland’s ‘Future 4’ artists for 2022.

Nosssia’s “Distortion”

The EP takes an intriguing turn with Nosssia’s “Distortion.” This track offers a truly unique sonic experience, combining uplifting synths, vocoder-treated vocals, and dreamy, hypnotic atmospheres. The result is a mesmerizing composition that transports the listener to another realm altogether. Nosssia’s ability to create music that has gained support from renowned artists such as Tale Of Us, ARTBAT, and Joris Voorn speaks volumes about his talent and originality.

Maxi Meraki’s “Don’t Leave Me”

Bringing the EP to a mesmerizing close is Maxi Meraki’s “Don’t Leave Me,” featuring the soulful and enchanting vocals of Biishop. This emotionally charged track demonstrates Meraki’s dedication to creating music that evokes deep emotions within the listener. The combination of captivating vocals and the intricately produced soundscape leaves a lasting impression and leaves you yearning for more. Meraki’s commitment to his craft shines through in this captivating piece.

The third edition of ARTBAT & Upperground’s “Selected” VA series is an exceptional showcase of emotive and contemplative melodic techno. Each track on this EP brings its own distinct flavor, adding to the rich tapestry of emotions and experiences offered. Glowal, David Lindmer, Nosssia, and Maxi Meraki have undoubtedly crafted music that will resonate with listeners and leave a lasting impact. Through their dedication to showcasing powerful and evocative melodic techno, ARTBAT and Upperground continue to push the boundaries of the genre and cement their reputation as purveyors of exceptional electronic music.