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Arty unveils his new emotional track ‘Tim’, dedicated to Avicii

The death of Avicii left an enormous void in the dance music industry: as a genius of this genre, Tim Berg influenced and inspired many people to produce music. Arty is one of those guys who gained success around the same years as Avicii did, and certainly got inspired by his music, as both producers focused on emotions and feelings. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, he deepens his relationship with Avicii and his music.

Arty finally releases his new emotional track ‘Tim’, dedicated to Avicii

For these reasons, Arty decided to dedicate a single to the Swedish producer: his “Tim” is out now on Armada. Premiered by Alesso on many of his summer dates, this emotional progressive house tune has already caught the fans’ attention all over the world.

A comment under Arty’s Instagram post says: “It almost sounds like he was right there to make it with you. He would love it so much“. We couldn’t agree more, “Tim” really is the perfect tribute to Tim Bergling.