A new audiovisual experience to launch at Gashouder

New show SORA will debut at the iconic Gashouder in January 2023 as part of the audiovisual experience brand Unfold.art.

Unfold.art SORA
Unfold.art SORA

This coming January 2023, a new name in monumental audiovisual art installations makes its way to Amsterdam. A new show called SORA, which will debut at the breathtaking Gashouder space from January 6 to February 5, will mark the beginning of the city-born brand art’s ascent to the top spot in the industry.

SORA is a breathtaking new kinetic light installation that is taking over the iconic Gashouder for a residency of exhibitions, live show performances and a rave in early 2023. Headlining the rave event on January 28 are Adriatique: the formidable Swiss duo who have a long-running partnership with Audio Obscura, and who will work with SORA creators NONOTAK to deliver a breathtaking once-in-a-lifetime show.

Through the creation of expansive experiences in partnership with today’s most cutting-edge artists from the fields of art, technology, new media, and sound, Unfold.art aims to make immersive art accessible to everyone. These breathtaking projects will be toured through black box locations across the world, and each will be experienced in three formats: exhibitions, live performances, and a rave.

These various arrangements make the art approachable for a diverse and universal audience, ranging from young children to their grandparents, live music lovers to art critics, and yogis to clubgoers.

SORA is one of the biggest installations we have ever made in terms of scale. We got inspired by the volume of the Gashouder to create this new piece. We wanted to create a huge kinetic light installation in the center of the space where the lights and the movements are choreographed on an original soundscape. SORA will be floating above the audience, close to the people to contrast the really high ceiling of the Gashouder. The idea is to play between two radical feelings of the space and develop a visual story out of it. – Noemi Schipfer

Once again collaborating with Westergas, Unfold.art will debut SORA in January 2023 at the iconic Gashouder in Westerpark. SORA is an immersive light show with mind-blowing surround sounds that was designed by the creative studio NONOTAK.

The audience will be engulfed in a time-stopping, immersive environment. Imagine a kinetic sky filled with lights; a play with shadows, oscillating as one massive choreographed entity.

In order to create ethereal, immersive, and dreamlike environments, NONOTAK uses performance pieces as well as light and sound installations. By combining Schipfer’s expertise with kinetic visuals and geometric drawings with Nakamoto’s approach to space, light, and sound, these are designed to envelop, challenge, and stagger the viewer. Their aesthetic is inspired by minimal architecture and optical art.

They began working together in 2013, and since then, they have collaborated with high-end companies like Hermès and Cartier while also touring the world, from Miami’s Art Basel to solo exhibitions and live performances at Acxess Art Gallery in New York, Bluerider Art Gallery in Taipei, and Dekmantel in Amsterdam.

Without a beginning or an end, SORA is an exhibition that will include numerous live performances by NONOTAK, where Noemi and Takami take center stage in front of the arresting artwork.

The multidisciplinary exhibit promises to be equally meditative and inspiring, so attendees are encouraged to let go and immerse themselves in the hypotonic audiovisual experience.